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Outboard Motors


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DF 9.9S & DF 9.9L



With the new DF9.9, Suzuki has launched a new generation of small outboards designed with features that offer greater ease of use, better portability and more economical operation.

To accomplish this, Suzuki engineers have based the DF9.9 on an all-new 208cc SOHC 4-stroke engine that offers excellent fuel efficiency. They’ve also given the DF9.9 outboard a lightweight and compact design that makes transporting it easier. Also featured is the ergonomically designed Suzuki Function Tiller Handle which makes the outboard easier to operate by incorporating all major operating controls on the tiller handle itself.

These features combined with Suzuki’s excellent reputation for durability and reliability; make the new DF9.9 the perfect choice for powering small craft or as a secondary engine on larger boats.


Shaft Length: S:381 (mm)  L:508 (mm)
  • Digital C.D.I.
  • Over-Rev Limiter
  • Low Oil Pressure Caution
  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Tilt Stopper
  • Stainless Steel Water Pump Housing
  • Anti-Corrosion System
  • Freshwater Engine Flush Port
  • Shallow Water Drive
  • Tiller Handle
Starting System: Manual
Weight: S:39.5(kg) L:42(kg)
Engine Type: 4-Stroke SOHC
Fuel Delivery System: Carburettor
No. of Cylinders: 2 in line
Piston Displacement: 208 (cm3)
Bore x Stroke: 51 x 51 (m/m)
Maximum Output: 7.3 (kW)
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,200 – 6,200 (rpm)
Steering: Tiller
Choke: Manual
Oil Pan Capacity: 0.8 (L)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 12 (L)
Ignition System: Digital CDI
Alternator: 12v 6A
Engine Mounting: Shear Mount
Trim Method : Manual Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.08:1
Gear Shift: F – N – R
Exhaust: Through Prop Hub Exhaust
Propeller Selection (Pitch): S:9 inch   L: 8 inch
DF 2.5



Weighing only 13kg, this 4-stroke engine is so light that you'll forget that it's a 4-stroke!

There are a range of features that you wouldn't expect on such a small outboard, including F-N Gear shift, water-cooling and a 1 litre fuel tank that will last you for hours.

With a big carrying handle, the engine is easily lifted on and off a tender or pontoon while the 4 tilt positions ensure that you can set the engine to your boat's requirements.




Shaft Length: S:381
  • 3-Star Ultra-Low Emission CARB Rating

  • Emergency Stop Switch

  • Tilt Lock Pin

  • Rev Limiter

  • Forged Aluminium Connecting Rod

  • Steering Tension Adjuster

  • Compression Reduction Starting System

  • 360° Engine Rotation

  • Built-in Fuel Tank

  • Large Carrying Handle

  • Rubber-Mounted Tiller Handle

  • Shallow Water Drive (Two Position)

  • Overhead Valves

  • Throttle Tension Adjuster

  • Suzuki PEI (Pointless Electronic Ignition) System

  • Lightweight Design - 30.1 lbs

  • One-Piece Forged Crankshaft

  • Noise-Suppression Spark Plug Cap


Starting System: Manual


Engine Type: OHV
Fuel Delivery System: Carburetor
No. of Cylinders: 1
Piston Displacement: 68 (cm3)
Bore x Stroke: 48 x 38 (m/m)
Maximum Output: 1.8 (kW)
Full Throttle Operating Range: 5,250 – 5,750 (rpm)
Steering: Tiller
Choke: Manual
Oil Pan Capacity: 0.3 (L)
Fuel Tank Capacity: Integral 1.0 (L)
Ignition System: P.E.I
Alternator: -
Engine Mounting: Bushing Type
Trim Method : Manual Trim and Tilt
Gear Ratio: 2.15:1
Gear Shift: F – N
Exhaust: Above Prop Exhaust
Propeller Selection (Pitch): 5:3/8”



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